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The development of any country greatly depends on the skill sets of their young minds, a newly skilled generation is vital to compete and prosper as it is the AGE OF TECHNOLOGIES now. Hence more Skilled workforce, more developed the country.” 

We are a company focussed in Skill Development for youth employment.

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When Charles Babbage imagined the original of PCs, PCs were simply intended to take care of some figuring issues. Afterward, as our general public’s needs expanded, new highlights were included PCs and today, various updated forms of both programming and equipment are propelled year-on-year.

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 This up degree isn’t simply restricted to machines; people are additionally responsible to improve their range of abilities as indicated by the changing situations around them. In this time of Industry 4.0, where mechanization and particular range of abilities are ruling the image, SMEC Automation Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 worldwide solution provider and the Authorized System Integrator of Schneider Electric, France, was speedy enough to detect the significance of trainings on specific aptitudes for their workers. The organization realized that out-dated aptitudes can influence the nature of the work and SMEC was never prepared to take risk in customer fulfilment. As a solution to it, SMEC Automation spread out a new division, SMEClabs which was an exclusive Research, Development and Training Wing of SMEC Automation Pvt. Ltd.
In mid-2000, SMEClabs began to complete research on existing models and attempted to grow considerably more cutting edge innovations, and simultaneously the establishment additionally offered preparing to the Engineers of SMEC Automation in the most recent headways with the goal that they can give better help and arrangement. Noticing the nature of preparing offered by the firm, later in 2001, different customers and driving businesses approached to demand SMEClabs to likewise prepare their group on most recent Technologies and Advancements. This was an achievement in SMEClabs venture. From that point forward, the firm had been attempted corporate preparing joined with the Skill Development division of Government, the foundation in the end began offering preparing for BE/B.Tech/Diploma/ITI competitors too.
Today, SMEClabs is pleased to have a variety of architects and industry specialists who put in their thoughts and impulses to grow new technology, which is essential for any player to remain over the game. The firm is centered around creating and always re-innovating indigenous technology which is increasingly versatile to the Indian client needs and which is likewise more economically reasonable.

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SMEC – First NSDC approved training partner in Kerala

SMEC became a certified training partner of N.S.D.C (National Skill Development Corporation). It is the only one NSDC approved training partner in Kerala. The award was received by our directors Mr. Saiju Mohamed, Mr. Midhun OM, and Mr.Mithin Mohan on the occasion of the NSDC certification ceremony.


Current Market Landscape

In India, as indicated by the All India Council for Technical Education there are eight lakh engineers moving on from specialized foundations consistently from different specialized establishments. The significant downside here is that in excess of 60 percent of them stay jobless and furthermore greater part of the working designers think that its hard to get into center businesses and live their fantasies. The necessity in ventures cannot be met by our architects as they are not prepared for all intents and purposes to stay aware of the refreshed technologies like Industry Automation and Process Control. 

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Paying attention to the duty, the Government of India has acquired a strategy to ensure that all architects build up their aptitudes and be Industry prepared with the goal that they don’t botch any chance since they are not gifted and refreshed. The Ministry for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship spent more than 955 crore in FY17 on the skilling strategic; has a comparable spending designation for FY18. These measurements unmistakably shows the colossal market opportunity accessible at this moment; to include more into this, effectively numerous organizations have approached advancing and supporting this reason. 

Addressing the Market Challenges

Being an inevitable part of every industry, Automation and Process Control skills command specialized, practical knowledge from contemporary graduates. Crafting out the best team of engineers skilled in various technical aspects stays the back bone of industries. Realizing this, SMEC Skills has created its offerings completely based on the current job opportunities in the industry and the training is imparted by industry experienced faculty with decades of industry experience to make this a gateway to rewarding careers in the industry. 

                   To be the best in the field of career enhancement training provider, SMEClabs conducts awareness programs and counselling sessions to make the freshers realise their value among other skilled graduates. At the same time, the institute tries its level best to use necessary infrastructure that is up to date, individual training and improved placement support every year.

Addressing the Market Challenges


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