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Skill Development Programs Congo

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 SMEC labs offer a wide array of courses and certification in fields  including the following but not limited to:

Industrial Automation Training

Industrial Instrumentation

Embedded System Training

LabVIEW & MATlab

CAD CAM Training

Oil & Gas (Piping QC NDT)

Cisco Juniper Networking

Quantity Survey Civil NDT

BMS Building Management

MEP HVAC Training

Electro Engineer (Marine/Industrial)

Solar Training

Safety and Quality control

Android Application Engineer

JAVA Training

Advanced VLSI Training

Certified Ethical Hacker

Bigdata Hadoop Data Science

Digital Marketing Management

eCommerce Management & Startup

IIOT Training


The development of any country greatly depends on the skill sets of their young minds, a newly skilled generation is vital to compete and prosper as it is the AGE OF TECHNOLOGIES now. Hence more Skilled workforce, more developed the country.” 


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Every country requires a centralized National Skill Development corporation or Authority. Skill development is the best way to boost the overall growth of Congo. Skill development is essential for any country to hold it’s ground in a rapidly progressing world. Governments that have invested in the growth of the skill development efforts made by its people have seen results that are revolutionary. We are glad to host a wide range of engineers and industry experts who contribute to the immense pool of ideas we have created at SMEC. A skilled population contributes to a great nation. The secret behind the most successful countries on the planet is a keen interest taken by its governance in national skill development. Unemployment is a major issue faced my most countries in the world. with a bigger population can greatly benefit from skill development of its workforce. Now more than ever, international skill development missions have grown in relevance due to rapid industrialization and Globalization. The fastest growing industries on the planet today are all skill based and they don’t seem to slow down anytime soon.To diversify and expand Congo’s workforce into previously unexplored areas may help pump new life into their economic and general development and growth. Here at SMEC we provide the best that the training and skill development world has to offer. 

As the earning workforce increases, the average income too gets expanded. The best way to increase the Gross Domestic Product of is to increase the average earning capacity of its citizens. Some of the fastest growing industries globally are Sugar(food), Military shipbuilding and submarines, Public relations Agencies, Auto parts and accessories manufacturing, Consumer electronics manufacturing etc.An older population average translates to a working population with its numbers dwindling. A skilled workforce means a skilled population. Congo’s growth is generally measured in its gross domestic product or GDP. Skill development plays a vital role in the assurance of employment of the population. Solving unemployment issues calls for a great deal of reform within the system of a nation’s governance. SMEClabs is the R&D and training wing of SMEC automation. An increase in tax collection enhances the government funds speeding up the economical growth of Congo. The most practical way to reduce unemployment rates in a country is by creating new job opportunities. Creating Job opportunities alone may not save a nation from the grips of unemployment. It requires creating a skilled workforce. According to demographics, India has a median Age of 26.8 which is low comparing to a developed country like Japan that stands at 47.3. The increase in the average earnings of the population leads to the rise in the tax paying. The youth of Congo contributes to a large section of its workforce. The process of diversification of workforce and the initiation of new domains call for a great movement in skill development. Developing countries like India have a population that is young but sees an overwhelming amount of unemployment


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