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CSR Projects

As per the new Companies Bill 2012, each organization enlisted under the organizations law or any past laws having a Net worth of Rs. 500 crore or more; or a turnover of Rs. 1000 crore or more; or a Net benefit of Rs. 5 crore or more, during any monetary year needs to spend at any rate two percent of its normal Net benefit made during the three quickly going before money related a long time on CSR. Since kids and youth are the eventual fate of any nation, various organizations have begun effectively concentrating on CSR exercises, with Education and Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills being a key territory.


SMEC offers Education and Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills Solutions which are explicitly focused at under-served kids and youth. In association with PSUs and Private Organizations whose CSR order incorporates instruction and skilling, we make custom contributions that activate understudies, train them in the zones which have been commonly conceded to and afterward place them in private areas. The benefit of this to corporates is that they don’t have to concentrate on the non-center territory of sourcing and preparing. It is dealt with by SMEC through its substances SMECskills and the SMEC Skill Development for youth work establishment.

The administrations offered by SMEC are as per the following:

1) Setting up hostage Skill Training Centers in areas important to the corporate, commonly urban ghettos and towns.

2) Sponsorship of understudies including explicit profiles, for example, SC/ST, Girls, BPL, People with Special Needs, and so on.

3) Setting up of Award winning Hole-in-the-divider learning stations to connect the advanced separation.

CSR Projects in SMEC are executed through:

SMEC Yuva Jyoti Ltd: A unit set up by SMEC to undertake CSR activities on behalf of corporate enterprises.
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 SMEC Foundation: A not-for-profit education society set up by the founders of SMEC in 2004.
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