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What is VLSI Technology

VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration. It can be defined as the process of creating an IC by combining millions of  transistors into a single chip. A VLSI device is commonly called as microcontroller. The VLSI technology is highly reliable and which boosts the operating speed of circuits. 

How to Start a Successful Career in VLSI

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VLSI Interview Questions

  1. How logic gates are controlled by Boolean Logic
  2. Comparison between TTL chips & CMOS chips
  3. Why VLSI circuits use Mosfets
  4. Different regions of operation of a MOSFET
  5. Explain SCR
  6. Different types of Skews in VlSI
  7. What is  defpararm
  8. Comparison between Synchronous And Asynchronous Reset
  9. Define Nmos and Pmos technologies
  10. Describe Verilog