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School Learning Solutions

School Learning Solutions

SMECEdu is also focused on building learning solutions for school children. All our products intent to give an integrated academic access to each school and their school children. This effectively means children can access their academic content at home and in the school in an interactive and holistic format.


This is called as Apply Plus, and is India’s first and largest platform for K-12 school children in the area of adaptive practice. It identifies a child’s weak area in an academic test environment. It also engages all the stakeholders involved in the teaching learning process ranging from teacher to parent. This anytime anywhere platform makes it possible for student’s teacher to go through the assessments, practices and reports.

It is a platform where comprehensive and interactive digital content catering to the listening and speaking skills, is set up in a stimulating lab environment.

It is a revolutionary content offering that helps school teachers to deliver in class learning with the help of world class digital content.

This solution is a curriculum based content program that encourages students to go out of the box and equips them with skills required based on a unique methodology for moulding the future careers. It is focused on improving IT skills with a multi-disciplinary approach.

We offer both educational program and lab based math learning answers for schools. Our answers help fabricate an engaging world loaded with shading, contact, sound and investigation around the subject of Mathematics. With its extraordinarily structured lab and technologically determined instructive substance, the arrangement energizes individualized and simple learning. It is centered around expelling the worry in learning of Math. We additionally offer an incorporated educational plan, lab and home learning model to schools and their understudies.