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Building Partnership

It was in 2001 that SMEC imagined to create labor for India’s not rapidly arousing Industrial segment. In doing as such, it not just actuated a fresh out of the box new industry—the Industrial preparing fragment—it likewise catalyzed the fire of business enterprise in the nation.

Inside a couple of long periods of its PAN India nearness, SMEC propelled its most noteworthy innovation yet—a way breaking plan of action, which earned it the embodiment of the Industrial preparing in the nation. Utilizing this model, SMEC changed numerous youthful hopeful young people from great families into yearning business visionaries and talented experts, accordingly making a pool of value gifted people for the Industry. In this model, a great deal of consultants who are specialists and experts in ability improvement, technology investigate encouraged SMEC to change as a worldwide brand in Skill advancement part. The fundamental center has consistently been to build up a pool of value gifted experts for the modern division.

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