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business training program

Business Training Programs

SMEC gives Training Solutions on very good quality technologies, center area capacities, delicate aptitudes, Executive Management, Channel Enablement Services and Managed Training Services (MTS). These envelop Learning Content, Learning Delivery, Learning Technology and Learning Administration. SMEC empowers clients to lessen costs, hone their business center and drive quantifiable outcomes. In the course of the most recent three decades, SMEC has presented numerous innovations in the region of ability improvement, setting new benchmarks for the business to copy. Today, SMEC is a Global Talent Development Corporation known for its broad innovations in learning and knowledge arrangements conveyance.


SMEC School ERP is a comprehensive Education Resource Planning software developed for schools. The software is user friendly and has been developed considering the requirements of the school management.It helps the management in maintaining proper control of the school, which will improve decision making and enhance the image of the institution.

Domain Training in BFSI

SMEC offers tweaked preparing programs dependent on the prerequisites of banking customers. These spread areas like Advanced Credit Management, Cash Management Systems, Collection Services, IFRS, NPA Management, the Trade Life Cycle, and so forth.

Functional, Soft Skills and Behavioural Training

This is a bunch of preparing programs that help meet the showcasing and deals needs of BFSI associations. The projects spread Channel Management, Selling Skills, Branch Management, and so on. 

BPM Solutions

SMEC B-PRO(Business Professional) preparing frameworks change a representative from a novice to a balanced donor and in the long run an ideal administrator. We offer administrations running from New Hire Training, Call Quality observing, Voice Assessments, Front Line Managers to Pre-process Training.

BPM–Domain Training

These are preparing arrangements identified with a specific field of specialization. The fields secured by SMEC are: Finance and Accounting/Digital Marketing and Content Development.

Business Training Programs for BPMs

SMEC B-PRO gives preparing answers for workers at each phase in their professions. The arrangements include: English language/delicate abilities/grounds to corporate/Managerial Skills/Client Interaction Suites.

Roll-out Solutions

Our turn out preparing arrangements are gone for corporates that always need to adjust to new technologies and approaches inside the business condition. These preparation programs empower clients to rapidly adjust to changes and perform effectively in the continuous business condition. Regardless of whether it is change the board, execution the executives or actualizing new undertaking programming, our turn out preparing gives answers for all.

Technology Training

In this present reality where technology is consistently advancing, it is difficult for your workforce to keep pace with what’s rising seemingly within easy reach and create knowledge and aptitudes while adjusting work weights and cutoff times. At SMEC, we comprehend the stuff for you to keep up your upper hand.

Channel Enablement Solutions

From shopper hardware, autos, telecom suppliers to enormous configuration stores, our Channel Services help in changing the selling frame of mind of your station staff, empowering them to adopt the consultative strategy and manufacture brand dedication.

Soft abilities Training

The consistently changing professional workplace requires individuals who are outfitted with the aptitudes to oversee and deal with decent variety in the region of work and culture. SMEC delicate enables your workers to construct these aptitudes and empowers your association to hold its upper hand.